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No Nonsense Advice – 1

For Young Executives: 50 Do’s and 50 Don’ts for those starting out in their careers

No Nonsense Advice – 2

For Trainers : A step by step guide for Trainers based on 15 years of conducting training programs

No Nonsense Advice – 3

For First Time Managers – An extensive set of Do’s and Don’ts for those who have just got promoted from individual contributor to team leader

No Nonsense Advice – 4

On Personal Branding –An unapologetic look at how to brand yourself in a hyper sensitive and hyperactive social media world

No Nonsense Advice – 5

for Working Mothers : A no holds barred conversation about ‘work life balance’ and being a mom whilst juggling work

No Nonsense Advice – 7

Riding Out the Storm: This book was inspired because none of us were prepared – even though we are all trainers who espouse ‘wisdom’ to others.

No Nonsense Advice – 10

Emotional Wellbeing:
co-authored with Anton Thayalan , Nivendra Uduman, Shanuki De Alwis, Numica Perera & Tatum De Souza

No Nonsense Advice – 12
For Sales Professionals :
co-authored with Anton ThayalanTatum De Souza, Senaka Premaratne, Gihan Malshan & Aashiq Aminuddin

No Nonsense Advice – 14

The Fine Art of Sucking Up:
co-authored with Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 16

Grooming Succession

No Nonsense Advice – 18

Managing Service Delivery:
co-authored with Anton ThayalanTatum De Souza, Gihan Malshan & Aashiq Aminuddin

No Nonsense Advice – 20

Building Trust
Co-authored with Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 21

Diversity and Inclusion at Work:
Co-authored with Bani Chandrasena, Anton Thayalan, Bhagya Wickramage, Ruwanthi Wijesinghe, & Tatum De Souza

No Nonsense Advice – 23

Recruitment and Selection: co-authored with Tatum De Souza & Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 6

Public Speaking for Beginners : co-authored with Shakya Nathavitharana, Safra Anver, Fahad Farook, Anton Thayalan, & Tatum De Souza

No Nonsense Advice – 8

For Students :
co-authored with Shakya Nathavitharana

No Nonsense Advice – 9

Working Across Cultures:
co-authored with Anton Thayalan & Azeem Saheer

No Nonsense Advice – 11

Managing Performance: co-authored with Gordon TredgoldAnton Thayalan & Tatum De Souza

No Nonsense Advice – 13


No Nonsense Advice – 15

For First time CEOs:
co-authored with Tony Nadaraja & Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 17

Customer Service-101:
co-authored with Anton ThayalanTatum De Souza, Gihan Malshan & Aashiq Aminuddin


No Nonsense Advice – 19

Building and Leading High Performing Teams
Co-authored with Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 22

Basics of Coaching :
Co-authored with
Mansoor Ahmed, Andleen Razzaq & Anton Thayalan

No Nonsense Advice – 25

Basics of Navigating and Leading Change: :
Co-authored with
Anton Thayalan



A ‘put shot’ at popular advice : In an age where there seems to be a proliferation of ‘pundits’ thought of taking a no holds barred whack at popular advice.


Being Comfortable in your own skin. The book is an attempt to inspire those who are ’not even average’ in their studies to understand that we ALL can, and WILL have strengths and weaknesses.


This That and The Other : Co-authored with Shaakya Nathavitharana


Management Simplified through the eyes of everyday life. Discusses Leadership, Managing Change, Managing People and other popular Management Topics.


Lessons in Leadership : The book discusses what Vidusha perceives to be the critical essence of leadership through a few stories of his interactions with his father.


Living Values – inspired by stories of Vidusha’s grandparents :This book is dedicated to them – and their legacy…

Guru Guide – 1

In conversation with Major General Craig Whelden

Guru Guide – 2

In Conversation with Viran Perera

Guru Guide – 3

In conversation with JenifferRandive

Guru Guide – 4

In conversation with Chad Bourquin

Guru Guide – 6

In conversation with Art Bell

Guru Guide – 8

In conversation with Dr. Miuru Jayaweera

Guru Guide – 10

In conversation with Andrew Stotters

Guru Guide – 12

In conversation with 
Dilani Alagaratnam

Guru Guide – 14

In conversation with 
Markus Roselieb

Guru Guide – 16

In conversation with 
Mike Wittenstein

Guru Guide – 19

In conversation with 
Ineke Pitts

Guru Guide – 21

In conversation with 
Heleniq Argyrou

Guru Guide – 23

In conversation with 
Madeleine Black

Guru Guide – 25

In conversation with 
Farweez Imamudeen

Guru Guide – 27

In conversation with 
Billy Schwer

Guru Guide – 29

In conversation with  Joe McDonald

Guru Guide – 31

In conversation with  Gayani Ranasinghe

Guru Guide – 33

In conversation with  Ross Swan

Guru Guide – 5

In conversation with Prince Adu-Appiah

Guru Guide – 7

In conversation with WIll Polston

Guru Guide – 9

In conversation with Tharindu Amunugama

Guru Guide – 11

In conversation with 
Monte Clark

Guru Guide – 13

In conversation with 
Mariam Riza

Guru Guide – 15

In conversation with 
Dr. Shelly Plumb

Guru Guide – 18

In conversation with 
Gordon Tredgold

Guru Guide – 20

In conversation with 
Steven Robinson

Guru Guide – 22

In conversation with 
Mansoor Ahmed

Guru Guide – 24

In conversation with 
Patrick Pereira

Guru Guide – 26

In conversation with 
Allison K Summers

Guru Guide – 28

In conversation with 
Steve Simpson

Guru Guide – 30

In conversation with Nigel Risner

Guru Guide – 32

In conversation with  Paul McCarthy