Team Building Programs

Working Together Better

A simple one day program with a set of 5-6 activities that can be done both in outdoor or indoor settings. Each activity is carefully debriefed and key learning outcomes distilled. The program ends with a set of commitments the participants make by themselves about how to incorporate the learning in their day to day activities.

Business Simulation

Sick of trust falls? Sick of the outdoors? Then, this is the perfect program for you. Mimicking an actual business environment this indoor team building activity combines leadership, working together cross functionally, innovation and change as well as strategy in a fun filled 3 hours. The program is suitable for any category of employees but possibly is best done across seniorities where peer learning can be maximized.

Amazing Chase

Want to have a bit of a laugh? Want to run around? Want to have your adrenaline pumping and also race each other? Then, this is the best option.

Inspired by the hit TV series Amazing Race, our one day program has 4-5 pitstops with some amazing activities that you have never done before. We end with a challenge that brings everyone together and come to realize the importance of coming together as one to achieve a common objective – as well as stretching your own limits.

Military Simulation

The penultimate challenge for a Management Team. This crazily challenging activity sees you being trained in true military style by seasoned professionals, and then being challenged to face off against battle hardened military professionals in a completely unknown territory. This program will challenge you to come together as a band of brothers to face annihilation.
Physically and mentally demanding this program will teach leadership under fire, camaraderie, planning and adaptive planning, strategy and adaptive strategy as well as testing your
perseverance and will.